Holistic Solutions for Teens, Tweens and Adults With Anxiety & Stress Disorders


Who’s more anxious and stressed?  

Are YOU or  YOUR teenager overly anxious or stressed?  Are you overwhelmed?  Withdrawn?


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We offer a drug-free comprehensive solution for teens, tweens, and adults who are anxious and overwhelmed with life.

Combing psychoneurological methodologies, hypnotherapy and coaching strategies allows our patients to feel immediate relief, learn tools to alleviate stress and anxiety on a daily basis and establish goals for long-term growth and stress-free achievement. But it’s not enough to just feel okay… go a step beyond that to provide a lifestyle of THRIVING!

Give yourself or your child the gift of joy again!

We use simple, pragmatic steps for creating a more harmonious lifestyle externally, while developing and strengthening new habits and patterns that support experiencing a thriving internal life. Our approach is unique in that we work with both the conscious/practical side of the mind and the subconscious/emotive side of the mind. The result is a nurturing and supportive approach with totally effective, long-term results!

If you or a loved one is ready to make significant strides away from anxiety and stress and towards THRIVING, please call us TODAY to set up a free phone session at 303-413-0401.  We want to help!